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Want to Learn How to Rock Your Real Estate Business Without Competition or Cold Calling?
Then watch this short video and get a copy of Tamara's book, Mind Over Market, The Real Estate Warrior's Road Map to Mindset, Marketing & Media, for just the cost of shipping and handling!

Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn, The Sell With Soul Series

"I am LOVING Tamara's book, Mind Over Market. Wow! Every other page gives me an AHA moment (don't you love those?) and I'm pretty sure there's nothing else on the "market" like this specifically for real estate agents. Tamara perfectly walks the line between spiritually and practicality, so even if you tend to lean toward one side or the other, you'll find plenty here to suit you. And of course, as with her other books, Tamara's "voice" is delightfully casual - no preaching or holier-than-thou rhetoric here. Well done!"
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Tamara Dorris
Author, Trainer, Professor, Coach

Tamara Dorris, MA, CHT is the author of 16 books, a radio host, real estate professor and coach. She calls her Master Your Market,™ the “Rolls Royce of Real Estate Coaching Programs” where she helps real estate professionals re-program their minds and reinvent their businesses.  

"The most successful people in the world understand the power of their minds. The real estate industry is ready to get more mindful !"
-Tamara Dorris on heart-centered service for real estate professionals.
Here Is A Glimpse Of What You'll Discover Inside...
  • Find out exactly why you keep standing in your own way and how to change it.
  • How your subconscious programming holds you back.
  • How neuroscience effects your business EVERY DAY!!!
  • Why what happens at a sub atomic level impacts your life all the time.
  • The #1 Secret to improving your life starts with this understanding.
  • Why neuroplasticity is the best brain news ever!
  • How to pick out the the ideal outcome that will propel you forward.
  • The difference between forced action & inspired action.
  • How to replace bad habits with productive ones.
  • How to reverse fear and phone reluctance forever!
  • Understand the true definition of abundance and how to achieve it.
  •  How to attract your idea client. It's the secret to everything!
Amazon Retail Price (Paperback): $19.95
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